George J. Stack

George Stack is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the State University College of New York at Brockport, and the author of several books dealing with the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

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Nietzsche and Emerson · An Elective Affinity
By George J. Stack

George J. Stack traces the sources of ideas and theories that have long been considered the exclusive province of Friedrich Nietzsche to the surprisingly radical writings of the American essayist and poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Nietzsche and Emerson makes us see Emerson's writings in a new, more intensified light and presents a new perspective on Nietzsche's philosophy.

"George Stack has rendered Emersonian scholarship an invaluable service in tackling the first in-depth study of the often observed but rarely analyzed affinity between the American essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. This service is the more impressive because Stack's forte is not literary studies, but philosophy.... Stack's unique perspective on Emerson, as viewed through Nietzsche's eyes, has enabled him to create one of the most helpful critical commentaries upon Emerson's dialectic.... Stack's insight, occasioned by seeing Emerson through the lens of Nietzsche, illuminates his controversial prose well as has been done by...literary critics."

Arminda Gilbert, Nineteenth-Century Prose