Gail Fincham

Gail Fincham is an associate professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Cape Town.

Listed in: Literary Criticism · African Studies · African Authors

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Dance of Life · The Novels of Zakes Mda in post-apartheid South Africa
By Gail Fincham

Dance of Life examines the five novels Zakes Mda—novelist, painter, composer, theater director and filmmaker—has written since South Africa’s transition to democracy: Ways of Dying (1995), The Heart of Redness (2000), The Madonna of Excelsior (2002), The Whale Caller (2005), and Cion (2007).

Dance of Life offers a wealth of critical insights into Mda’s novels in chapters that are compellingly argued, very perceptive in their readings of individual works, utterly persuasive in the overall argument that is developed, and presented in a lively style that makes for a very satisfying reading experience…. The book may serve both as a work for the literary specialist and as an introduction to Mda for the newcomer. It will make an important and necessary contribution to Mda studies.”

Johan U. Jacobs, coeditor with David Bell of Ways of Writing: Critical Essays on Zakes Mda