Franz Von Benda-Beckmann

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Change and Continuity in Minangkabau · Local, Regional, and Historical Perspectives on West Sumatra
By Lynn L. Thomas and Franz Von Benda-Beckmann

Social scientists have long recognized many apparent contradictions in the Minangkabau. The world’s largest matrilineal people, they are also strongly Islamic and, as a society, remarkably modern and outward looking. Focusing on Minangkabau proper, and treating several adjacent areas as well, this collection examines the resilience and adaptability of the Minangkabau in the face of outside political and economic pressures and of distortions in social science and legal theory.

“…some of the finest essays ever written on the matrilineal system of Minangkabau and their cultural areas are found in this volume. … Plainly put, this is an important book indeed which will be referred to for a long time by anthropologists and Southeast Asianists.”

Shamsul A.B., Journal of Southeast Asia Studies