Fawn Valentine

Fawn Valentine has written and lectured extensively on quilts and quiltmaking. She lives in rural Monroe County, West Virginia.

Listed in: Ohio and Regional · Appalachian Studies · Gender Studies · Textile Arts · Art History · History · American History · Women’s Studies

Tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, preserved for generations, handmade bed quilts are windows into the past. In 1983, three West Virginia county extension agents discussed the need to locate and document their state's historic quilts. Mary Nell Godbey, Margaret Meador, and Mary Lou Schmidt joined with other concerned women to found the West Virginia Heritage Quilt Search.

“Detailed and thoughtful essays describe the artistic composition and fabric selection of each textile masterpiece. Often a photograph of the quiltmaker is included. Not just a survey, this oral history offers a unique social perspective on domestic life. An analysis of more than 4,000 quilts and a verity of appendixes further the academic usefulness of this title. Recommended for both popular and academic quilt collections in all types of libraries.”

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