Ellen Bromfield Geld

Writer, farmer, and conservationist Ellen Bromfield Geld lives in Brazil. She has long written for Brazil's leading newspaper, O Estado de São Paulo, and is the author of nine books, including The Heritage, The Garlic Tree, and A Timeless Place for which she won an Ohioana Book Award.

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View from the Fazenda · A Tale of the Brazilian Heartlands
By Ellen Bromfield Geld

“I imagine everyone has a center of gravity,” says Ellen Bromfield Geld. “Something which binds one to the earth and gives sense and direction to what one does.” For Ellen, this center is a writing table before a window that looks out upon groves of pecan trees and mahogany-colored cattle in seas of grass. The place is Fazenda Pau D’Alho, Brazil, where she and her husband, Carson, have lived and farmed since 1961.

“Ellen Bromfield Geld couldn’t have had a better teacher in all the world than her father. Her writing and her life in Brazil vividly reflect the strength of Louis Bromfield’s convictions, his love of the land and the enduring importance of his legacy.”

Lauren Bacall

The Heritage · A Daughter’s Memories of Louis Bromfield
By Ellen Bromfield Geld · Foreword by Lucy Dos Passos Coggin

Louis Bromfield, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, established one of the most significant homesteads in Ohio on his Malabar Farm. Today it receives thousands of visitors a year from all over the world; once the site of the wedding of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, it was a successful prototype of experimental and conservation farming.

“For these things he will be remembered: the beginning novels, candid, sure, probing; the open-air, uninhibited rich life he led and taught others to lead; the man himself, shy, natural, generous, exuberant, contrary, as eager for a romp with his dogs as for an evening at the opera. They constitute the 'heritage' revealed by Mrs. Geld with warm affection.”

Saturday Review