Edward K. Muller

Edward K. Muller is a professor of history and director of the Urban Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh. He has written widely on the historical geography of American cities and is coeditor of The Atlas of Pennsylvania and North America: The Historical Geography of a Changing Continent.

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DeVoto’s West · History, Conservation, and the Public Good
By Bernard DeVoto · Edited by Edward K. Muller

Social commentator and preeminent western historian Bernard DeVoto vigorously defended public lands in the West against commercial interests. By the time of his death in 1955, DeVoto had published criticism, history, and fiction. He had won both the Pulitzer and Bancroft prizes. But his most passionate writing—at once incisive and eloquent—advocated conservation of America’s prairies, rangeland, forests, mountains, canyons, and deserts.

“The point of all this is that in the West we are, far more than any other part of the country, in touch with the earth and subject to it…. Our awareness is very deep, and this awareness is a fundamental characteristic of us and our land.”

Bernard DeVoto, Footnote on the West