Dorothy H. Christenson

Dorothy H. Christenson is retired from a career in nonprofit program development and administration. Since 1970, she has worked with Marian Spencer at a fair-housing agency, the League of Women Voters, the Charter Committee of Cincinnati, Planned Parenthood, and more.

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Keep On Fighting · The Life and Civil Rights Legacy of Marian A. Spencer
By Dorothy H. Christenson · Introduction by Mary E. Frederickson

Dot Christenson records the life story of remarkable leader, Marian Alexander Spencer, who joined the NAACP at thirteen and grew up to achieve a number of civic leadership firsts and a legacy of lasting civil rights victories.

“Marian Spencer’s story weaves together the private and the public in a way that provides a new understanding of the adage from the 1970s women’s movement, ‘the personal is political.’ Keep on Fighting, like Marian Spencer herself, disarms the reader as we find not a story of unmitigated success and happiness, but rather a nuanced and realistic autobiography that weaves together the joys and sorrows of a long life.… Marian Spencer has much to teach the subsequent generations about resistance, equality, and the meaning of American freedom.”

From the introduction by Mary E. Frederickson, coeditor of Gendered Resistance: Women, Slavery, and the Legacy of Margaret Garner