Dick Simpson

Listed in: Religion · Political Science

In our time, we require a religion, ethics, and politics adequate to confront the global crises we face. In our scientific era of “progress,” we might expect to look with confidence to the “scientific” disciplines of political science, sociology, and economics to solve the problems of our civilization. We might also look to the older disciplines of religion and ethics to determine our values and to tell us what we ought to do.

“[Simpson] argues forcefully and convincingly for ‘a new politics of compassion and transformation’…As a blend of religion and politics molded into a prescription for action, it is an intriguing work.”

William C. Louthan, Perspectives on Political Science

Political Action · Key To Understanding Politics
By Dick Simpson and George Beam

Without a new focus on action, political science will remain sterile; and without a more human politics, citizens will remain misinformed, apathetic, helpless. Political Action is controversial because it challenges the profession of political science. It suggests a paradigm shift which is important for allied social science disciplines as well.

“Reading the book may touch something inside of the reader which could trigger a need to become more active politically, and in turn, the self-motivation could inspire the specifics for action for a practical program.”

West Coast Review of Books