Deborah Griffith

Deborah Griffith is managing editor of Bird Watcher's Digest and other publications from BWD Press.

Listed in: Nature · Ohio and Regional · Appalachian Studies

Out of the Woods · A Bird Watcher’s Year
By Ora E. Anderson · Edited by Deborah Griffith · Foreword by Jean Andrews

Out of the Woods: A Bird Watcher’s Year is a journey through the seasons and a joyous celebration of growing old. In fifty-nine essays and poems, Ora E. Anderson, birder, bird carver, naturalist, and nature writer, reveals the insights and recollections of a keen-eyed observer of nature, both human and avian.

“Reading this book makes me regret that I never had an opportunity to know Ora Anderson in person.... I would have liked him very much and I think most readers will share this view.”

Ohioana Quarterly