David Westerlund

David Westerlund is associate professor at the department of comparative religion, Stockholm University, and senior lecturer in the history of religions at the faculty of theology, Uppsala University. His main scholarly interests are indigenous African religions, Islam in Africa, and issues of religion and politics. His recent publications include Questioning the Secular State: The Worldwide Resurgence of Religion in Politics, which he edited in 1996.

Listed in: African Studies · Islam · Political Science

African Islam and Islam in Africa · Encounters between Sufis and Islamists
Edited by Eva Evers Rosander and David Westerlund

This interdisciplinary book focuses primarily on Sufism (“African Islam”), Islamism (“Islam in Africa”) and, in particular, on the interaction between these different forms of Islam. Previously, much interest has been concentrated on the critical Islamist views of Western or Western–influenced ideas and patterns of life, while the intra–Muslim relationship between Sufis and Islamists has attracted less attention.

“The book offers important insights and as such is a welcome addition to the debate on the role of Islam in Africa. It is a must for those interested in Islamic studies, African Politics, and African International Relations.”

Korwa G. Adar, Rhodes University, South Africa, Journal of Third World Studies