David Mikics

An associate professor of English at the University of Houston, David Mikics is the author of The Limits of Moralizing: Pathos and Subjectivity in Spenser and Milton, as well as articles on contemporary literature and literary theory.

Listed in: Philosophy

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The great American thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson and the influential German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, though writing in different eras and ultimately developing significantly different philosophies, both praised the individual's wish to be transformed, to be fully created for the first time. Emerson and Nietzsche challenge us to undertake the task of identity on our own, in order to see (in Nietzsche's phrase) “how one becomes what one is.”

“Mikics has a voice of his own, a rare accomplishment. He has written a lucid, lively, and accessible book that will appeal to a wide audience in both Continental theory and American studies. The Romance of Individualism in Emerson and Nietzsche is an original study that combines philosophical clarity with a literary critic's attention to detail.”

Gerald L. Bruns, William P. and Hazel B. White, Professors of English, Notre Dame University