David Maxwell

David Maxwell, past editor of the Journal of Religion in Africa, is a professor at the University of Keele.

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African Gifts of the Spirit · Pentecostalism and the Rise of a Zimbabwean Transnational Religious Movement
By David Maxwell

This book considers the rise of born-again Christianity in Africa through a study of one of the most dynamic Pentecostal movements. David Maxwell traces the transformation of the prophet Ezekiel Guti and his prayer band from small beginnings in the townships of the 1950s into the present-day transnational business enterprise, which is now the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God.

“This is a pathbreaking major work tracing the tangled roots of a significant religious movement in Zimbabwe and beyond.… Richly documented, it explores the relation between social rupture of conversion, and links changes to the movement to historical events from the Great Depression to the rise of independence, and the impact of neo-liberalism. It is a required read.”

David Martin, Professor Emeritus, London School of Economics