David J. Bodenhamer

David J. Bodenhamer is a professor of history and the executive director of The Polis Center at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. He is the author or editor of six books, including Fair Trial: Rights of the Accused in American History and The Bill of Rights in Modern America: After 200 Years (with James W. Ely Jr.).

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Long regarded as a center for middle-American values, Indiana is also a cultural crossroads that has produced a rich and complex legal and constitutional heritage. The History of Indiana Law traces this history through a series of expert articles by identifying the themes that mark the state’s legal development and establish its place within the broader context of the Midwest and nation.

“Every state should have a book like this, and the authors and editors deserve a great deal of credit for adding this one to the four existing volumes in the Law, Society and Politics in the Midwest series.”

Elizabeth Brand Monroe, Indiana Magazine of History