David Blanke

David Blanke resides in northwest Iowa where he is an assistant professor of history at Briar Cliff College.

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Sowing the American Dream · How Consumer Culture Took Root in the Rural Midwest
By David Blanke

From 1840 to 1900, midwestern Americans experienced firsthand the profound economic, cultural, and structural changes that transformed the nation from a premodern, agrarian state to one that was urban, industrial, and economically interdependent. Midwestern commercial farmers found themselves at the heart of these changes. Their actions and reactions led to the formation of a distinctive and particularly democratic consumer ethos, which is still being played out today.

"Blanke reminds readers that the growth of consumer culture in the U.S. was more than a phenomenon of 20th-century urban development. Extensive endnotes and tables...enhance this thoroughly researched book. Of considerable value to scholars interested in the U.S.'s social, cultural, and economic changes."