Carol Boram-Hays

Carol Boram-Hays is a lecturer at the Ohio State University, where she received her doctorate in art history. Her research interests include African art and archaeology, as well as twentieth-century American and European art.

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Bringing Modernism Home · Ohio Decorative Arts, 1890–1960
By Carol Boram-Hays

Ohio enjoys a rich artistic heritage: its inhabitants have made significant contributions in the arts; its schools have produced artists of international acclaim; and its companies have employed progressive manufacturing techniques and pioneering materials in the production of their wares. Ohio's artistic tradition is especially impressive in the area of the decorative arts from the first two-thirds of the twentieth century.

“Boram-Hays, an art-history lecturer at Ohio State University, skillfully shows how the decorative arts…were produced by a unique combination of need and openness to artful experimentation…Bringing Modernism Home is touted as an art-history book. I found it to be more than that. It was a peek into the economics—and the humanity—behind art.”

Susan Condon Love, The Plain Dealer