Carlos de la Torre

Carlos de la Torre is a professor of political studies at FLACO-Ecuador. He is coeditor with Steve Striffler of The Ecuador Reader.

Listed in: Latin American History · International Studies · History · Political Science · Latin American Studies

Is Latin America experiencing a resurgence of leftwing governments, or are we seeing a rebirth of national-radical populism? Are the governments of Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales, and Rafael Correa becoming institutionalized as these leaders claim novel models of participatory and direct democracy? Or are they reenacting older traditions that have favored plebiscitary acclamation and clientelist distribution of resources to loyal followers?

“The first edition of this book was everything one could hope for in an academic book: it was insightful and illustrated with lively and in-depth examples of real politics. The same is true for the revised and expanded second edition. This is a book that all scholars of Latin America should read… . It is a rare book in that it is theoretically important, and excellent for classroom use.”

Bulletin of Latin American Research