Bobbe Tyler

Bobbe Tyler is a nonfiction writer and retired communications coordinator who worked for several corporations including Lucasfilm, Ltd. and the Times Mirror Company. She lives in California.

Listed in: Psychology · Memoir

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Winner of a da Vinci Eye Medal for Superior Cover Design

Shortlisted for the 2010 Eric Hoffer Award’s Montaigne Medal

Searching for Soul · A Survivor’s Guide
By Bobbe Tyler · Foreword by Lucia Capacchione

To dive deep into your inner life. To navigate its complexity and explore your story in depth. To discover who you are exactly—the courage you have when life breaks apart, how conscious you become in that process, and how rich you feel learning the meaning of your life.

“Though our lives and hearts are often fraught, each page of Bobbe Tyler’s book offers some new invitation to grow our appreciation and gratitude for the ungraspable, nitty–gritty miracle of being a human being. The insights she shares with us about relationships, regrets, losses, the joys of finding oneself—all the stuff that life is made of—ring true in the convincing language of an individual who has won her authenticity and learned that life, just as it is, is so much more than she—or we—can ever imagine.”

James Finley, clinical psychologist and author of Merton’s Palace of Nowhere and The Contemplative Heart