Bianca Murillo

Bianca Murillo is Associate Professor of History at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Her work has appeared in Africa, Gender & History, and Enterprise and Society.

Listed in: Social History · African History · African Studies

Market Encounters · Consumer Cultures in Twentieth-Century Ghana
By Bianca Murillo

In Market Encounters, Bianca Murillo explores the shifting social terrains that made the buying and selling of goods in modern Ghana possible. Fusing economic and business history with social and cultural history, she traces the evolution of consumerism in the colonial Gold Coast and independent Ghana from the late nineteenth century through the state violence of the 1970s, in a work of depth and interdisciplinary finesse.

“With original research and creative methods, Murillo makes a substantial contribution to the analysis of military periods of rule and their concrete effects and concerns with regards to local and import/export trade. Moreover, she writes vividly and precisely.”

Gracia Clark, author of African Market Women: Seven Life Stories from Ghana