Benjamin Reilly

Benjamin Reilly is an associate teaching professor of history at Carnegie Mellon University’s Qatar campus. He is the author of Disaster and Human History: Case Studies in Nature, Society and Catastrophe and Tropical Surge: A History of Ambition and Disaster on the Florida Shore.

Listed in: History of the Arabian Peninsula · Environmental History · Slavery and Slave Trade

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In Slavery, Agriculture, and Malaria in the Arabian Peninsula, Benjamin Reilly illuminates a previously unstudied phenomenon: the large-scale employment of people of African ancestry as slaves in agricultural oases within the Arabian Peninsula.

“A lucid and compelling account of the slave experience in a region long ignored by historians of slavery…. [It is] a valuable case study that underscores the need for historians to pay closer attention to the ways in which environmental factors shaped the slave experience in various parts of the world.”

Richard B. Allen, author of European Slave Trading in the Indian Ocean, 1500–1850