Ariel Armony

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Ariel Armony focuses, in this study, on the role played by Argentina in the anti–Communist crusade in Central America. This systematic examination of Argentina’s involvement in the Central American drama of the late 1970s and early 1980s fine–tunes our knowledge of a major episode of the Cold War era. Basing his study on exhaustive research in the United States, Argentina, and Nicaragua, Armony adroitly demolishes several key assumptions that have shaped the work of scholars in U.S.

“Full of astounding detail drawn heavily from interviews with participants, this book reveals how the principals of Argentina’s dirty war organized and funded the early anti-Sandinista struggle from the remnants of the Nicaraguan National Guard. Anyone interested in counterintelligence, counterrevolution, low intensity conflict, Argentina or Nicaragua should read this remarkable book.”

John A. Booth, University of North Texas