Alfred L. Castle

Alfred L. Castle, like his great-uncle, Henry Northrup Castle, is a graduate of Punahou School in Honolulu and Colorado State University (BA and MA) and the author of numerous journal articles, book reviews, and feature articles, as well as the author of a book on the history of philanthropy. Castle has taught at universities in New Mexico, Hawaii, and California. He is the grandnephew of George Herbert Mead and Helen Castle Mead and currently serves as executive director of the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation, one of America’s oldest family foundations. His most recent book is entitled Diplomatic Realism: W. R. Castle, Jr., and American Foreign Policy, 1919–1953.

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Castle’s correspondence with family members and with George Herbert Mead— one of America’s most influential philosophers and his best friend at Oberlin College—reveals many of the intellectual, economic, and cultural forces that shaped American thought.

“Alfred L. Castle deserves great credit for making possible the republication of these letters and for writing an elegant introduction in which he clearly outlines their historical significance.”

Gary A. Cook, author of George Herbert Mead: The Making of a Social Pragmatist