Alain Bosquet

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God’s Torment · Poems By Alain Bosquet
By Alain Bosquet · Translation by Edouard Roditi

Ohio University Press published a first volume of Alain Bosquet’s work, Selected Poems, in 1973. Since then, the avant-garde and metaphysical poetry of Bosquet has become widely available to an international audience. Such eminent poets as Paul Celan, Vasko Popa, Octavio Paz, and Ismail Kadare have translated his work into German, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, and Albanian.

“Into his work too goes a happy accord between the strictest reason and the freest intuition…Much thought, much pain, much scholarship — and then suddenly the mysterious utterance which finds its way into the paper to bear the imprint of an original poetic mind…How lucky Alain Bosquet is to have cultivated his inner gifts with so much discipline.”

Lawrence Durrell