Adam Jones

Adam Jones is a professor of international studies at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics in Mexico City. He is the author of The Press in Transition: A Comparative Study of Nicaraqua, South Africa, Jordan, and Russia.

Listed in: History · International Studies · International History · Latin American History · Journalism · Latin American Studies

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Beyond the Barricades · Nicaragua and the Struggle for the Sandinista Press, 1979–1998
By Adam Jones

Throughout the 1980s, Barricada, the official daily newspaper of the ruling Sandinista Front, played the standard role of a party organ, seeking the mobilize the Nicaraguan public to support the revolutionary agenda. Beyond the Barricades, however, reveals a story that is both more intriguing and much more complex.

“A groundbreaking work… original and probing. Jones has done an excellent job of chronicling and analyzing the fascinating series of events that took place at Barricada.”

Kent Norsworthy, author of Nicaragua: A Country Guide